As a provincial full-time general undergraduate college, Binzhou University set up the major of flight technology (undergraduate) with the approval of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and the Civil Aviation Administration of China in 2006, which filled the gap of civil aviation majors in colleges and universities in Shandong Province, making this university become the first local undergraduate university for setting up Flight Technology in China. In the same year, the establishment of Flight College opened a new chapter in serving the aviation industry and creating aviation characteristics. At present, the Flight College has five undergraduate majors in Flight Technology (Civil Aviation & General Aviation), Transportation Discipline (Civil Aviation Technology and Maintenance Engineering of Civil Aviation, Air Traffic Control and Dispatch), Aircraft Airworthiness Technology and two junior majors in Fixed Wing Aircraft Flight Technology and Helicopter Flight Technology, with 1611 students at school. In 2021, the Transportation discipline was approved as the authorized major of professional masters degree.

Flight College is one of the first modern industrialization colleges in Shandong Province. The Flight Technology is rated as the National Comprehensive Reform Pilot Program, the Characteristic Specialty of Shandong Province, the First-Class Undergraduate Specialty of Shandong Province and the Pilot Specialty of Shandong Excellent Engineer Education and Training Plan. The flight specialty group was approved as the High-Level Applied Specialty Group of Shandong Province, and the Civil Aviation Technology Applied Talent Training Mode Innovation Experimental Area was rated as the Talent Training Mode Innovation Experimental Area of Colleges and Universities in Shandong Province. More than 2600 pilots have been jointly trained with more than 22 companies like Shandong Airlines Co., Ltd. and 20 foreign flight academies, and more than 600 pilots have been promoted to captains. In recent years, Flight College has undertaken 4 quality engineering projects at the national level, 12 at the provincial and ministerial level and 52 at the school level. It has also published 17 teaching materials, and jointly led with Shenyang Aerospace University to compile a series of national teaching textbook for Flight Technology. Flight College has 1 national first-class course and 3 provincial first-class courses. The teaching achievement Professional Construction Integrates Industry Standards, Academic Education Connects Post Skills - Innovative Practice of Civil Aviation Flight Talents Training won the second prize of the Seventh Higher Education Teaching Achievement in Shandong Province, In-depth Cooperation Between Local Universities and Enterprises to Cultivate Civil Aviation Applied Talents won the first prize of the Eighth Higher Education Teaching Achievement in Shandong Province, and Reform and Practice of Control Course Group for Civil Aviation Application-oriented Talents Training won the second prize of the Higher Education Teaching Achievement of Chinese Association of automation. Aviation school running achievements are chosen as the typical case of the national Double Hundred Plan for School-enterprise Cooperation in 2020.

The Flight College has 57 full-time teachers, 15 professors and associate professors, 51 doctors and masters, including one expert enjoying the Special Government Allowance of the State Council, one National Meritorious Pilot, one Middle-Aged and Young expert with outstanding contributions in Shandong Province, two Outstanding Teachers in Shandong Province, one Excellent Teacher in Shandong Province, one Excellent Scientific and Technological Staff in Shandong Province, one Popular Science Expert in Shandong Province and one Excellent Communist Party member in Shandong Province. Besides that, three are masters tutors, one is an outstanding young intellectual in Shandong Province, one is the vice president of Shandong aviation society, two are innovation and entrepreneurship tutors in Shandong Province, three win the first prize of Shandong Young Teachers’ Teaching Competition, two are Young Technology Leaders in Binzhou, three are rated as Excellent Thesis Instructors in Shandong Province, three win Binzhou Youth Science and technology award, two have flight instructor licenses, ten have obtained the Qualification of Senior Ground Theory Instructor of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, ten are part-time teachers of China Air Transport Association, seven have obtained the Training Certificate of Basic Skills of Civil Aircraft Maintenance, two have maintenance AV, ME and STR licenses and obtained the class II release right of various models, two have the Dispatcher Qualification, one has the Controller Qualification, and one Innovation Team of Young and Innovative Talents Introduction and Education Plan of Colleges and Universities in Shandong Province. Binzhou University has a strong teaching facilities with Academician Chen Maozhang of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics serving as the honorary president of the Flight College, the meritorious pilot and captain Zhang Fengyi of Air China serving as the consultant of the Flight College and thirty experts, professors and teachers from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Air China and Canadian and United States Aviation School employed as guest and part-time professors. The teacher team of Flight College is rated as the Huang Danian Style Teacher Team of Colleges and Universities in Shandong Province.

Flight College has established General Aviation Operating and Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory of Shandong Province, General Aviation Manufacturing and Operation Collaborative Innovation Center of Chinese Universities, Key laboratory of Aviation Information and Controlling in Shandong Province, Shandong Science Popularization Education Base, Shandong Aviation Information R & D base, Civil Aviation Experiment and Teaching Center. It has equipped with Boeing 737-300 teaching and research platform, Yun-5 aircraft, Cessna-172 simulator, PA44 simulator, CFM56-3C aeroengine, with a total value of more than 54 million yuan of teaching and scientific research instruments and equipment, and has built a national off-campus practical education base for college students. In 2017, Binzhou University was successfully approved as a class A project construction unit with a master's degree in Shandong Province. In 2021, the Transportation Discipline of Flight College became the key first-class discipline. It has successively obtained the qualification ATPL theoretical training institution,  the  civil aircraft pilot license theoretical test center, the civil aircraft maintenance training institution and the civil aircraft maintenance personnel license test center issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. As the first university in Shandong Province and the fourth undergraduate university in China owning CCAR-147 and CCAR-66 qualifications at the same time, Binzhou University also obtained the CCAR-66R3 training qualification from the Civil Aviation Administration of China in September 2020 and became the only university in East China to implement CCAR-66R3 license training in the way of integration of industrialization and education in 2021.

The college carries out paramilitary management for the flying cadets to strengthen their inside qualities, build their outside images, and cultivate civil aviation application-oriented talents with excellent thinking, strict discipline, standard behavior and superb skill. In the theoretical examination of AeroGuard aviation school in the United States, the one-time passing rate of grade 2006 flight cadets was more than 70%, breaking the record of 45% of the one-time passing rate of the flight academy, and won the only flight technology award of the year of AeroGuard aviation academy in the United States. The achievements have been fully recognized by society and won a good reputation at home and abroad. The employment rate of graduates in the civil aviation industry is more than 95%, and the flight rate of flight technology major is about 93%. According to the evaluation report of Chinese universities and disciplines, the flight technology major of Binzhou university is ranked as a three-star major together with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, ranking fifth in China. In the ranking of Chinese universities released by the China Alumni Association in 2019, the flight technology major of Binzhou University was rated as a 4-star major, which belongs to China's high-level major, ranking fifth in China and first in Shandong Province. Former directors of Civil Aviation Administration Yang Yuanyuan and Li Jiaxiang, former deputy secretary of Shandong provincial Party committee Wang Junmin, vice-governor Yu Jie, former deputy directors of the Civil Aviation Administration Yang Guoqing, Li Zhao and Li Jun, academician Wu Guanghui, chief designer of C919, aerospace hero Yang Liwei and other expert leaders visited the university to inspect and guide the work. People's Daily, China Education News, China Civil Aviation News, China Aviation News, Xinhua Net, Dazhong Daily, Shandong Education Television, and other news units and media reported on the school running of the Flight College, which had a great impact on the society. Flight College has successively been approved as an advanced unit of enterprise school cooperation in Shandong Province, an advanced collective of Shandong education system, an advanced collective of teaching management in colleges and universities in Shandong Province, and the mayor of Binzhou City Quality Award. The running achievements of Flight College had been rated as a typical case of the national School-enterprise Cooperation, Double Hundred Plan in 2020. The general Party branch of the Flight College has been rated as the advanced grass-roots party organization of Binzhou University, Binzhou City, Shandong University Working Committee and Shandong Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China. In 2021, on the occasion of the Centennial birthday of the Communist Party of China, the general Party branch of Flight College was rated as the national advanced grass-roots party organization, commended by the CPC Central Committee, and became the only Aviation College in China who won this honor.

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