Flight College of Binzhou University Recruiting Outstanding Talents Home and Abroad in 2022


一、 Disciplines (Majors) In Recruitment

Communication and Transportation Engineering, Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology, Control Science and Engineering, Operational Research and Cybernetics, Electronics Science and Technology, Optical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Instrument Science and Technology, Safety Technology and Engineering, Mechanics, Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, and other engineering related disciplines (majorities).

二、Contact Information

Mr.Wang:0543-3198767 13505434883 (Same ID for WeChat)

Mr.Ma:   0543-3195727 13605430432 (Same ID for WeChat)

E-mail: fxxyrc@163.com

F-mai: fxxyrc@163.com

Address: No. 391 of Huanghe Five Road, Flight College of Binzhou University,               Bincheng District, Binzhou, Shandong Province.

Post Code: 256603

三、Basic Requirements

(1)The individual would be suitably qualified, and be able to demonstrate a strong academic and political background. The candidate would be required to have high moral standards, be innovative, keen on research, enthusiastic about education and a strong team player.  

(2)Ideally, applying doctors would be under the age of 40 and under 45 for doctors who hold senior professional roles. The age restrictions for talents who are especially outstanding or in urgent need can be broadened appropriately.

(3)Physically and mentally healthy, be competent for the requirements of the position.

四、Types of Talent, Terms and Incentives

(1)Level 1

We offer a generous annual salary, settling-in allowance, research start-up fees etc., to the top scholars with significant achievements in scientific research recognized by domestic and foreign experts in the same fields, with the ability of guiding our own research projects to surpass or lead the international advanced level, and with excellent ability of self-dependent innovation and leading a team.

An generous annual salary, settling-in allowance and research start-up fee shall be offered. More detailed requests are negotiable.

(2)Level 2

Talents who have primary influence at domestic and foreign levels in their own disciplines, particularly those whose research areas are on the cutting edge of international academic research and can demonstrate a creative and strategic mindset and leadership ability.

An annual salary: 2-4 million yuan; settling-in allowance: 1-1.5 million yuan; research start-up fee for the experimental subjects: 3-10 million yuan; for non-experimental subjects: 1.5-5 million yuan; shall be offered. Incentives towards the settlement of a spouse, where required, shall be offered.

(3)Level 3

The talents who have a certain amount of influence in their own disciplines, who have impressive academic achievement in scientific research and who have the ability of leading a team, organization and coordination.

An annual salary: 1-3 million yuan; settling-in allowance: 0.8-1.2 million yuan; research start-up fee for the experimental subjects: 2-3 million yuan; for non-experimental subjects: 1-2 million yuan; shall be offered. Incentives towards the settlement of a spouse, where required, shall be offered.

(4) Level 4

Excellent young talents who have motivated academic mindset, whose teaching and scientific research level in their own disciplines can be ranked in the forefront of the peer scholars, and who have huge development potential.  

An annual salary: 0.5-1.5 million yuan; settling-in allowance: 0.5-1 million yuan; research start-up fee for the experimental subjects: 0.5-1.5million yuan; for non-experimental subjects: 0.3-1 million yuan; shall be offered. Incentives towards the settlement of a spouse, where required, shall be offered.

(5) Level 5

Class A: Doctors who have a background in aviation research discipline, a settling-in allowance: 500-650 thousand yuan; research start-up fee: 300 thousand yuan shall be offered.

Class B: Doctors who meet the urgent needs for the school’s construction discipline a settling-in allowance between 400-500 thousand yuan; research start-up for the experimental subjects: 200 thousand yuan; for non-experimental subjects: 100 thousand yuan, shall be offered.

Class C: Doctors who meet the normal needs for school’s teaching and research studies, a settling-in allowance between 250-350 thousand yuan; research start-up for the experimental subjects: 100 thousand yuan; for non-experimental subjects: 50 thousand yuan.

(6) Inducted Doctors are entitled to a level 7 vice-professor “post performance payment” in 3 years.

(7) The inducted Doctors who meet school’s requirements can be directly engaged as the school-hired professor or vice-professor.

(8) The inducted talents who have considerable performance are able to skip level to compete for senior posts, and apply directly for professorship.

(9) The inducted talents’ settling-in allowance will be offered as a one-off payment.

(10) Spouses who are the permanent staff or the employee of government department, public institution or state-owned enterprise which are outside of Binzhou, in principle, could be geared to the needs of the job.

(11) The spouses of inducted aviation Doctors are able to settle in the way of labor dispatching.

(12) Talents apartment and relocation housing will be provided.  According to the policy in Binzhou, the inducted talents are able to move into the talent apartment or relocation houses provided by school for free.

(13) If the talents purchase a house in Binzhou, the highest limit of housing provident funds loan for them is 1 million yuan.

(14) Children’s enroll arrangement: If the children of the inducted talents apply to study in Binzhou’s compulsory education schools, our school will coordinate with the relevant functional apartments of Binzhou to make overall arrangements.

(15) The office equipped with computer will be arranged for doctors. There are primary supports for the scientific research, the declaration of major research projects, the organization of the innovative teams, the purchase of the equipment for the needs of the transmission of scientific and technological achievements and the housing for scientific research.

(16) If the talents meet the conditions of being selected into the talents’ program at all levels, the school will recommend the individual positively. Then they will enjoy the corresponding policy treatments simultaneously after successfully recommended.

(17) The inducted high-level talents are able to enjoy at most 2 million talent allowance provided by Binzhou if they meet the related conditions.

(18) Binzhou will provide the talent for 50 thousand yuan at most as subsidy for his or her academic visit or advanced study at home or abroad.

(19) If selected into the talent project which is municipal level or above, they are able to enjoy the corresponding health care treatment free of charge such as physical examination.

(20) Full-time inducted staff would be considered as fully fledged members of the institution  establishment.

五、Brief Introduction to Binzhou University

Binzhou University is a provincial full-time general undergraduate college located in Binzhou, the hometown of Sun Tzu, the old revolutionary base in Bohai, and the beautiful and affluent Yellow River Delta central city. The campus covers an area of 1.313 million square meters with building area 722,300 square meters and laboratory area 95,700 square meters. With 18,841 full-time undergraduate and junior college students, Binzhou University has 19 secondary institutions, 61 undergraduate majors and 30 junior college majors, recruiting students from 30 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions) across the country. Taking engineering as the main subjects and aviation as the main feature followed by science, engineering, culture, education, economics, management and art, Binzhou University has formed the layout of multi-discipline coordinated development and mutual support among these disciplines, and it is also the first local undergraduate university in China to train civil aviation pilots. In the last 5 years, Binzhou University has been continuously rated as Shandong’s Most Competitive Undergraduate College for Employment. The School is also the first batch of supporting universities for the construction of applied undergraduate universities in Shandong Province. In October 2021, the school was approved as a master’s degree awarding unit.

六、Brief Introduction to Flight College

Founded in 2006, the Flight College has 55 faculty members, including 14 professors and associate professors, 48 doctors and masters, and 9 master’s supervisors, including an expert who enjoys the special government allowance of the State Council, a national meritorious pilot, a young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions in Shandong Province’s development, 2 teachers of very high repute in Shandong Province, the vice chairman of Shandong Aeronautics and Astronautics Society, the chairman of the Aerospace Professional Steering Committee of the Shandong Undergraduate Education Teaching Steering Committee, an outstanding member of the Shandong Province Communist Party, an outstanding teacher of Shandong Province, an outstanding  scientific and technological worker of Shandong Province and 3 first prize winners of the Shandong Provincial Young Teacher Teaching Competition. The Flight College has a Huang Danian-style teacher team of Shandong Provincial Colleges and Universities and an innovative team of Shandong Provincial Youth Entrepreneurship Talent Introduction Program. Rated as “National Advanced Grassroots Party Organization”, the Party General Branch of the Flight College was commended by the CPC Central Committee.

The college has five existing undergraduate majors (directions) in flight technology (piloting), flight technology (general aviation), transportation (civil aviation aircraft maintenance engineering), transportation (air traffic control and dispatch) and aircraft airworthiness technology. The flight technology major fills the blank in the civil aviation majors of colleges and universities in Shandong Province, and has now been developed as a pilot major which includes a national comprehensive experimental unit, much respected and notable major in Shandong Province, a first-class undergraduate major, a pilot major of Zhuogong Education and Training Program in Shandong Province, and a pilot major of the Flight Technology Professional Group, all of which are held in high esteem in the province. It has built an innovative experimental zone for the training mode of civil aviation technology application in Shandong colleges and universities, has jointly trained civil aviation pilots with 22 airlines such as Air China, Shandong Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Spring Airlines, etc., and has trained more than 2,600 pilots, of which nearly 600 of them have grown into captains and instructors. In recent years, the Flight College has undertaken 3 national quality engineering projects, 14 provincial and ministerial projects, 52 university-level projects, published 24 textbooks and monographs, and jointly led 15 domestic aviation schools with Shenyang University of Aeronautics to complete a series of national flight technology professional textbooks. The Flight College has undertaken a national new engineering research and practice project, a national first-class undergraduate course, 3 provincial first-class undergraduate courses, and won a first prize and a second prize of higher education teaching achievements in Shandong Province, and a second prize of higher education teaching achievements of Chinese Automation Society.




For more details, please pay attention to Binzhou University Personnel Office (Talent Office).

Website: https://rsc.bzu.edu.cn/

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